Pirates Cove Fun Zone

Splash into our Pirate themed water play park. Inside there are games for all ages. Win tickets for prizes. Enjoy Pirates Cove Grill. Food, Family & Fun. Next door to North Texas Jellystone Park. Enjoy both parks.

Located in the heart of Burleson Texas, Pirates Cove Fun Zone is a thrilling adventure for all ages! With a variety of rides and attractions designed to please everyone, it’s no wonder that this fun-filled location has been the favorite spot of many families in town.

Experience Fun Galore on the High Seas

A real pirate ship gives a sense of wild adventure as you set sail and explore the area. Ride the gentle waves or explore the depths with mini-submarines and scuba gear! The mild waters make it safe for all ages, so even young kids can join in on a voyage of discovery.

Go Wild on Thrilling Rides

Ready to get moving? The Fun Zone is home to a variety of exhilarating rides – from roller coasters to sky-high swings; there’s something for everyone. Even the little ones can join in with their very own kiddie rides. It’s a chance to let loose and tap into your excitement!

Plenty of Games for Everyone

Not feeling quite daring enough for a ride? No worries! There are plenty of games scattered around the park. There’s something for everyone, from classic carnival to interactive arcade games. Whether you’re looking for some competition or just want to have fun, it’s sure to be a blast.

Grab a Bite to Eat

You’ll get hungry once you are done exploring the Fun Zone. Fret not, as there’s no need to leave the premises! There are numerous snack stands full of delicious food, offering plenty of options for the whole family. Restock your energy mid-way through the day with some delicious treats!

Pirates Cove Fun Zone is an exciting place to visit for all ages! With various thrilling rides and games, tasty snacks, and a “high seas” adventure, this spot will surely become one of your family’s favorites. So why wait? It’s time to set sail for adventure!

2301 South I-35W
Burleson TX, 76028