Weatherford TX Visitors Guide

Located just 26 miles west of Fort Worth off Interstate 20, Weatherford offers travelers a unique experience with a nostalgic driving tour through tree-lined lanes boasting a wealth of Victorian and turn-of-the-century homes. Weatherford’s historic downtown area features antique and specialty shops and restaurants housed in restored buildings. To enjoy the outdoors, visit the city’s new 3.6-mile-long Town Creek Hike and Bike Trail, which runs parallel to Santa Fe Drive.

Annual Weatherford events include the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo held in June; the Parker County Peach Festival and Peach Pedal Bike Ride on the Second Saturday in July; and Candlelight Tour of Homes, Christmas on the Square and Christmas Parade, all held in December. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday preceding the first Monday of each month, Weatherford hosts First Monday Trade Days.

Things to do in Weatherford TX

Weatherford is a city in Parker County, Texas, and offers plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the things to do in Weatherford, TX:

  1. Visit the Chandor Gardens: This beautiful garden was designed and created by artist Douglas Chandor, and it features a wide variety of plants, flowers, and trees.
  2. Take a tour of the Doss Heritage and Culture Center: This center showcases the rich cultural heritage of Parker County through interactive exhibits, artifacts, and art.
  3. Explore the Clark Gardens Botanical Park: This 35-acre park features beautiful gardens, waterfalls, fountains, and a variety of plants and flowers.
  4. Visit the Canyon West Golf Course: This 18-hole golf course is perfect for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels and features beautiful countryside views.
  5. Check out the Parker County Courthouse: This historic courthouse was built in 1886 and is a beautiful example of late 19th-century architecture.
  6. Go horseback riding at Benbrook Stables: Located just a short drive from Weatherford, Benbrook Stables offers guided horseback rides through beautiful countryside.
  7. Take a hike or bike ride on the trails at Lake Mineral Wells State Park: This park offers miles of scenic trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, as well as camping and fishing opportunities.
  8. Explore the vintage shops and boutiques in downtown Weatherford: Downtown Weatherford is home to a variety of charming shops and boutiques selling everything from antiques to handmade crafts.
  9. Attend a performance at the Weatherford Community Theatre: This local theatre company puts on a variety of productions throughout the year, including plays, musicals, and children’s theatre.
  10. Visit the Museum of the Americas: This museum showcases the art, history, and culture of the Americas, with a focus on indigenous art and artifacts.

Historical Attractions

Parker County Courthouse

The Parker County Courthouse, located at 1 Courthouse Square, Weatherford, TX, stands as a stunning example of Second Empire architectural style. Built in 1886, this historic courthouse is not just the center of civic life but also a symbol of Parker County’s rich heritage.

Personal Recommendation: Don’t miss the chance to admire its beautifully restored facade and the intricate details that make it a photographer’s delight.

Doss Heritage and Culture Center

What to See and Do: Situated at 1400 Texas Dr, Weatherford, TX, the Doss Heritage and Culture Center offers an immersive glimpse into the area’s past. From captivating exhibits on Parker County’s frontier days to stories of its notable residents, the center is a treasure trove for history enthusiasts.

Personal Review: The interactive displays and educational programs make it an engaging visit for all ages.

Chandor Gardens

Chandor Gardens, located at 711 W Lee Ave, Weatherford, TX, is a magical blend of English charm and Chinese architecture. Created by Douglas Chandor, this 3.5-acre garden is a serene retreat filled with beautiful water features, intricate pathways, and vibrant blooms.

Personal Recommendation: The garden’s peaceful ambiance and stunning design make it a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or a reflective pause.

Tips for Visiting

Plan your visit during the cooler months to fully enjoy the outdoor beauty of these historic sites. Also, check the opening hours in advance as they can vary seasonally.

Outdoor Adventures

Lake Weatherford

Boating, Fishing, and Scenic Views: Lake Weatherford offers a picturesque setting for a day out in nature. Located at 210 West Lake Drive, Weatherford, TX, it’s a popular spot for boating, fishing, and enjoying scenic sunsets.

Personal Review: The calm waters and abundant fish make it an ideal location for anglers and families looking for a peaceful day by the lake.

Holland Lake Park

Family-friendly Activities and Picnic Spots: Holland Lake Park, at 1419 Holland Lake Dr, Weatherford, TX, is a haven for families. With its playgrounds, walking trails, and picnic areas, it offers a range of activities for a fun-filled day.

Personal Recommendation: The park’s spacious areas are perfect for a family picnic or a leisurely walk amidst nature.

Clark Gardens Botanical Park

A Showcase of Floral Beauty and Tranquility: Spread over 50 acres, Clark Gardens Botanical Park, located at 567 Maddux Rd, Weatherford, TX, is a living canvas of color and tranquility. From seasonal blooms to serene ponds, it’s a place where nature’s beauty is in full display.

Personal Review: The garden’s vast collection of native and exotic plants, along with its scenic paths, make it a must-visit for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle.

Shopping and Dining

Downtown Weatherford

Highlight Unique Local Shops and Antique Stores: The heart of Weatherford’s charm lies in its downtown area, a bustling hub of unique shops, antique stores, and local businesses. Whether you’re in search of one-of-a-kind finds or Texas-sized hospitality, downtown Weatherford is the place to be.

Personal Recommendation: Take your time exploring the antique shops; you never know what treasures you might uncover.

Peach Festival

An Annual Event with Local Foods and Crafts: The Peach Festival, held annually in July, celebrates Weatherford’s title as the “Peach Capital of Texas.” This beloved event features local foods, crafts, and entertainment.

Personal Review: The fresh peach ice cream is a must-try; it perfectly captures the essence of Weatherford’s pride.

Top Dining Spots

A Selection of Restaurants Offering Local Cuisine: Weatherford’s dining scene offers a variety of options ranging from traditional Texas barbecue to fine dining. Whether you’re craving juicy steaks or homestyle meals, you’ll find a restaurant to satisfy your taste buds.

Personal Recommendation: Don’t leave without trying some authentic Texas barbecue at one of the local smokehouses.

Family Entertainment

Weatherford Farmer’s Market

Local Produce and Goods: The Weatherford Farmer’s Market, a gathering place for locals and visitors alike, offers the freshest produce, handmade goods, and more.

Personal Review: It’s a fantastic way to support local farmers and artisans while enjoying the community atmosphere.

Splash Kingdom Wild West

Waterpark Fun for Families: Splash Kingdom Wild West, with its thrilling slides and family-friendly pools, promises a day of fun and excitement for visitors of all ages.

Personal Recommendation: The waterpark is a perfect escape from the Texas heat and a hit with kids.

Heritage Park Amphitheater

Live Entertainment and Events: The Heritage Park Amphitheater is Weatherford’s premier venue for live entertainment and events, hosting a variety of performances throughout the year.

Personal Review: Attending a concert or show here is a great way to experience the vibrant cultural scene of Weatherford.

Seasonal Events

Weatherford shines with its array of seasonal events, each offering a unique way to experience the city’s culture and community spirit. From the First Monday Trade Days, a shopper’s paradise, to Christmas on the Square, a winter wonderland of lights and festivities, these events are not to be missed.


Weatherford, TX, is a town that effortlessly combines historical depth with modern-day charm. From its historic attractions and outdoor adventures to shopping, dining, and family entertainment, there’s no shortage of things to do and see. We encourage you to explore Weatherford and create your own memorable experiences in this unique Texas town.