Sculpture Tour of Grapevine’s Main Street

Grapevine is a wonderful art destination with a variety of galleries and artisans specializing in such things as glassblowing and blacksmithing. Throughout the city, they also feature quite a few public works of art for visitors to enjoy, many along Main Street perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Coming Home

Next to the Grapevine Depot, you’ll see a two-piece sculpture that pays homage to the military. Created by Michael Pavlovsky, the first piece of the sculpture depicts a soldier returning home from service and being greeted with a warm embrace. The second piece of the sculpture is an arch that features all of the symbols from the various military branches of service and faiths.

Sunday Skaters

Continuing up Main Street at the corner of Main and College, you’ll meet the town’s Sunday Skaters and Muttin created by artist Archie St. Clair. These three skaters with their old-fashioned roller skates and their dog remind visitors of a simpler time in Grapevine. Fun Fact: Muttin was a real character and belonged to one of Grapevine’s dedicated watchmen, Jim Daniel.

Sidewalk Judge and Walking to Texas

A friendly face and popular photo spot on Main Street, the Sidewalk Judge sits in front of the Wallis Hotel Building which now houses Messina Hof Winery & Tasting Room (at the corner of Main and Texas). It’s said he uses his keen observation skills to “size up” folks around town. The Judge was created by J. Seward Johnson Jr.

Next to him in Liberty Park, is Walking to Texas. Although not in bronze, this sculpture pays tribute to those pioneer families that first came to the area. Note the four horse heads on the fountain. These represent the four directions (north, south, east and west) and the spirit of the Native Americans who lived in this area.

Benjamin Richard Wall and The Grapevine Nightwatchman

Located across from “The Sidewalk Judge” you’ll find two more sculptures. Sitting atop of City Hall is The Grapevine Nightwatchman. With his lamp in hand, he represents Grapevine’s watchmen who patrolled the streets during the 1950s. This piece was created by Jack Bryant a local sculptor. Standing on the corner of Wall and Main in front of City Hall is a gentleman from Grapevine’s history. Benjamin Richard Wall was the Mayor of Grapevine who served intermittently from 1912 to 1946.

Wilderness Welcome

At the northern tip of the Main St and Northwest, Highway intersection is another sculpture depicting Grapevine’s history. When the pioneers first came to the area, they would have encountered local wildlife which included deer and black bear as well as the wild mustang grapevines that filled the area.

Located just a few of blocks off Main Street are two more sculptural stops of interest for visitors.

9/11 Flight Crew Memorial

Located at the corner of Northwest Highway and Texan Trail is the 9/11 Flight Crew Memorial. This piece was created as a memorial to those flight crews who died on September 11, 2001.

Share the Dream

Traveling south on Texan Trail, you’ll come to Founders’ Plaza at DFW International Airport. You’ll find an airplane observation area with views of the airport, picnic tables, audio feeds from the control towers and a whimsical sculpture of children running around the area.

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