Top 5 North Side Neighborhoods

Considering houses for sale in the DFW area? Buying a new house can be one of the most exciting milestones in any individual’s life. It can, believe it or not, also be one of the most depressing. If, however, you are considering houses for sale in Dallas Tx we can assist you through this unnerving process to ensure that each and every single part of buying a house near Dallas runs smoothly, and within a reasonable time frame.

In the US we now on average buy a new house every seven years. This is quite a surprise, on the basis that only a generation ago it was uncommon for any individual to move house more than once or twice within their whole entire lifetime. Modern-day society has a lot to answer for in this regard, and we can certainly appreciate that times have obviously changed. Buying a house is still, however, a very important decision for any individual to make. One aspect to give great consideration to when looking at houses for sale in Dallas Tx is the surrounding neighborhoods.

Think about neighborhoods in general; they change physically, economically and socially over any given time period. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to buy a house in a neighborhood that is a perfect match for you as an individual, or you as a family, at that current point in time. In addition, you may wish to consider your short term plans when looking at specific neighborhoods. For example, you may be looking to start a family in the not too distant future.

Although you can change the cosmetic appearance of your new house to reflect your own individual character and likes and dislikes, you can never change the actual specific location of the house. It is therefore important that you establish a good feeling for, and connection with, your potential new neighbors and the surrounding neighborhood. Remember to look at the nearby schools and shopping areas. It is also a thought to visit the surrounding neighborhoods at various times of the day.

What are the 5 top Northside Dallas neighborhoods to buy a house near Dallas?



Allen is a comfortable, quiet and affordable neighborhood in which to raise a family. In addition, it offers an extensive system of parks and recreational activities, again making it ideal for those individuals with families.


Frisco is home to many beautiful luxury and executive houses and consists of numerous great neighborhoods. In addition, there is a wide variety of things to do and places to go, making Frisco a good all-round choice when considering buying a house near Dallas.

Highland Village

Originally a weekend getaway for Dallas residents, Highland Village is now a thriving upscale bedroom community, making it another ideal choice when buying a house.


Some of the most beautiful houses and neighborhoods are in Plano which, in combination with great schools and shopping areas, makes it a popular choice for any individual considering the purchase of a new house.

University Park

University Park is located just five miles north of Dallas and boasts one of the highest levels of education in the entire country. It also has some superb homes for consideration.

Looking at houses for sale in Dallas Tx? You should now be further forwards with regards to buying that fabulous new house!

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