5 Top West Dallas Neighborhoods

With the average person buying a new house every seven years, it’s important to remember that these areas change – and they change faster than you think. Always make sure to ask your realtor what they know about the town’s latest happenings. Moving is a very big decision, and it’s one that should never be taken lightly. Everyone has heard of a horror story about a nightmarish neighbor, or a poor renter that was gypped out of money. We can help you find the Texas home of your dreams, and also help you avoid new neighborhood nightmares.

Buying a new home in Texas means that you will need to be schooled in the many different locations that your real estate agent will offer you. One of the most popular places for working-class individuals to move nowadays happens to be in West Dallas. West Dallas is home to a slew of great neighborhoods, and it’s little wonder why so many families choose to move into this conservative area of Texas.

West Dallas is a primarily working-class area, filled with friendly neighborhoods and affordable homes for families of just about every size. It’s hard not to fall in love with the urbane yet rustic charm that West Dallas offers, and it’s even harder not to find a place that you’d love to have as your next home.

It’s important to recognize that each of the top 5 West Dallas neighborhoods has its own characteristics that make it an attractive place to have a home. Without further ado, these five neighborhoods of West Dallas are known for being the very attractive places to live.

Los Altos, West Dallas

A favorite among people who are just starting out, Los Altos is a friendly neighborhood with a great mix of different nationalities. Multiple elementary and middle schools give people who are choosy about their child’s schooling many different options to choose from.

Lake West, West Dallas

Another favorite of locals is Lake West, which happens to be conveniently located next to the train tracks. Known for having a very diverse group of residents, and very affordable housing, it’s easy to see why it’s a local fave!

Ledbetter Gardens, West Dallas

Known for being a great place to live for the working class, Ledbetter Gardens has a low crime rate, a decent schooling system, and friendly neighbors. What more could you want?

La Bajada

La Bajada is a small, quiet community that is a favorite for people who are both working-class and office workers. This is a great place to live for those who are new to Texas and want to really get to know what Texas is all about.

Eagle Ford, West Dallas

Unlike many parts of West Dallas, Eagle Ford’s claim to fame happens to lie in its rich history, which spans all the way back to the days of pioneers. Top tier school districts, as well as rich geology, make this a great place for the academically inclined to move.

Of course, these brief descriptions cannot fully capture the true character of a neighborhood. In order to get the real picture, it’s important to have your real estate agent give you a tour of the neighborhood, as well as a brief explanation of the area. Many of these areas don’t have too many homes for sale, so it’s important to seize the day and ask about the houses for sale in West Dallas before you miss an amazing bargain. Why not schedule a meeting with your agent today?

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