Hurricane Harbor – A Six Flags Water Park

Hurricane Harbor: Arlington, Texas

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is the largest water park in North Texas and offers guests more than 40 rides and attractions. From heart-pounding rides like Typhoon Twister, Tsunami Surge and Wahoo Racer to thrilling attractions for the little swimmer with Hook’s Lagoon—an interactive water playhouse, this water park has something for everyone. Enjoy BIGGER, BETTER, WETTER only at Hurricane Harbor.

The winds were blowing in from the east as I drove into town. It had been almost three years since my last visit to Hurricane Harbor, and I was expecting to see much of the same – battered buildings, toppled trees, and memories of a devastating storm that had wreaked havoc on this small beachside community.

Memories of Destruction

As I stepped out of the car onto Main Street, it quickly became clear that my expectations had fallen far short of reality. Everything seemed so different now – new buildings had sprung up throughout the town, there was activity and energy on the streets, and the feeling of despair that had once filled the air was gone. This was not the same place I had visited three years ago.

A Sign of Hope

The most remarkable sight was the nearly completed apartment complex on the edge of town. Even though the rebuilding effort had moved slowly in the years since the storm, this new building represented something more than just bricks and mortar – it was a sign that people here still had hope for the future.

Looking Forward

I took one last look around as I made my way back to the car. Even after everything this small town has seen, it is still standing and it is still thriving. Hurricanes may be powerful forces of nature, but they cannot erase the spirit of hope that exists here in Hurricane Harbor.

1800 E Lamar Boulevard
Arlington TX, 76006


Call for operating schedule and park hours.