Sid Richardson Museum

Sid Richardson Museum – A Place of Beauty and Wonder

The Sid Richardson Museum is a beautiful and unique museum located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. It features an extensive collection of 19th Century American art by some of the greatest Western artists in history. From Frederic Remington to Charles Russell, the museum houses a wide variety of works from these legendary masters.

Established in 1982, the Sid Richardson Museum features paintings by Frederic Remington (1861-1909) and Charles M. Russell (1864-1926) of the 19th-century American West during westward expansion. The legendary Texas oilman and philanthropist Sid W. Richardson (1891-1959), amassed one of Remington and Russell’s most significant private collections in the United States. Other painters in the collection include works by other “old masters” of Western art: Oscar E. Berninghaus, a founding member of the Taos Society of Artists; Peter Moran; Charles Schreyvogel; Frank Tenney Johnson; William R. Leigh; Edwin W. Deming; Gilbert Gaul; and Charles F. Browne.

In the exhibition, Lonesome Dove: The Art of Story, which runs from January 15 through June 19, 2016, traces the path of the Lonesome Dove story from Larry McMurtry’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and the original movie script to the legendary miniseries. Explore the 19th-century American West through paintings and bronzes by Remington and Russell, a cowboy’s cattle-drive diary, and works from the Lonesome Dove production archives.

Admission is free to the museum, which opens daily except for major holidays. Free valet parking is available in Sundance Square. Visit the website for information about free docent-guided tours, programs, lectures, and the Museum Store.

Explore the World of Western Art

Visitors at the Sid Richardson Museum can explore the world of 19th-century American Western art. The exhibits showcase the groundbreaking artwork that captured the spirit of America’s Westward Expansion. With its vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes, the art on display truly captures the essence of the Old West.

Experience History Come to Life

The Sid Richardson Museum also offers visitors a chance to experience history come to life. Through its interactive displays and educational programs, visitors get an up-close look at how these artists influenced the culture and lifestyle of the American West. Visitors can learn about the stories behind the paintings and sculptures and the challenges early pioneers faced.

Visit the Sid Richardson Museum Today!

So come visit the Sid Richardson Museum today and discover why art was so important to our nation’s past. With its beautiful collections and interactive exhibits, it truly is a place of beauty and wonder.

309 Main St.
Fort Worth TX, 76102


Open Mon. – Thurs. 9:00 am – 5:00 pm; Fri. & Sat. 9 am – 8 pm; Sun. noon – 5:00 pm. Free admission.